IN MEMORY’ A photograph I made in 2008 at the Electric Picnic Festival in Stradbally, Co.Laois Ireland.

American artist David Best spent 4 months creating the 55-foot wooden ‘Temple of Truth’ which at the end of the weekend was set on fire by the family of a young male who had taken his own life.

I remember finding this artistic creation incredibly powerful, spiritual and cathartic in dealing with the loss of my brother Robert.

The kind, beautiful soul and creator of Electric Picnic John Reynolds honoured my pregnant wife and I at the time by inviting us to stay in one of the few luxury bivouacs on-site, as it was our 10th wedding anniversary.

Sadly John has since passed away.

In Loving Memory
RIP John 

I Am

New work I’ve made over the past two years in association
with St. Michaels House in Dublin.

A photographic
portrait series of adults with intellectual disabilities who avail of services
provided by St. Michael’s House in Dublin.

The work is about
being seen, being visible and being included!

Full Series

Thanks to everyone involved in this project, and a very special thanks to Roy McConkey for writing the following inspirational quote to accompany the work.

“A photographic portrait provides an opportunity to  really look.  The viewer is encouraged to think more deeply about the person -  their life,  their feelings, even their hopes.  They may slowly realise that the people portrayed are not so different after all as they see similarities with themselves or others known to them.   When that happens, the door to inclusion starts to open in people’s minds and in due course to their actions.   From such small steps , a more socially inclusive society is built.”

Emeritus Professor Roy McConkey OBE, PhD.